Jakey turns 3 πŸŽ‰ PJ Mask party

This month marks Jakey turning 3 and with each Autumn and Winter to date spent in hospital I felt it time to throw him a party of his choice. PJ Masks it was and according to Jake he is Catboy, Mummy is Owlette, Daddy is Gecko and big brother Ol is Romeo!

A local community hall was booked with the disaster of it not being opened and a local councillor having to be woken up to open it. Thankfully everyone mucked in to decorate the hall whilst our entertainment was starting, Emily was fantastic with the kids while I was a complete and utter stress ball! I wish I had foreseen this happening which of course I couldn’t, as truth be told I felt I couldn’t relish in Jakes party enjoyment with so much to do in such a rush.

To prepare for the PJ Mask theme I decided to make as much as possible with themed straws, decorations, the cake and of course party bags. Unfortunately I don’t have many photos of the party set up as it was so manic but below are just a few. Instead of buying themed plates I bought the colours and added themes napkins, much cheaper! Straws were customised with printed images of the PJ Masks cut out in circles with two slits to fit over the straws. Poundland have fab table centre pieces of different colours so silver and blue were used for the tables which looked great with the characters.

Helium balloons were used to frame the room and Balloon Platoon Ltd in Cardiff were used. Georgie surpassed all expectations and the bunches were stunning. The kids loved them and they made the room look fun and inviting featuring colours to match the theme. Georgie was so helpful and accommodating. I would recommend her for any event you need balloons for, search ‘platoon balloon’ on Instagram for her page.

For entertainment I booked Little Fizz Ltd based in Cardiff. Emily came as the disaster of the hall was unfolding and she was brilliant reassuring me she would go with the flow and all would be ok. As we piled into the hall with decorations ready to throw up quickly she started the music and got bubbles out for the kids. They loved it and us parents could relax knowing they were in great hands. What’s great about Little Fizz is the party could be adapted to any theme. The PJ masks were centre stage and part of each game, Jake was thrilled and both parents and kids had the best time with the parachute, singing and dancing. I couldn’t have wished for better entertainment for the kids, it was worth every penny and more!

One thing this party taught me was that however much you prepare and plan you can’t predict the future, and if something is going to go wrong you have to just go with the flow and try your best. Jake and his friends had the best time and that’s all that matters. Without the help of my nearest and dearest I couldn’t of done it without them and for that I am so so grateful. Here’s to another birthday done and looking forward to a new year of milestones for our special little boy.

Thanks for reading, Rachel x

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