How to make an autumnal wreath 🍁🍂🦔

Quoted as being the best time of year for most people, what I love the most is the changing of colours in the trees, the warm crisp autumn mornings and the excitement of the festive period to come! Autumnal leaves are so beautiful, and what better way to make use of them than a budget friendly craft for the home. Follow my step to step guide on how to make a multifunction addition to your home this autumn:

Equipment list

  • Autumnal leaves
  • Pine cones
  • Sticks
  • String
  • Wreath frame – mine was from hobbycraft
  • Glue gun
  • Glue gun sticks
  • Recycled corrugated cardboard

Step 1

Draw around each section of the wreath frame on card and cut out the individual pieces. Use corrugated card if you can to give strength and recycled from packaging to be kind to the environment 🌍☺️

Place each piece of card on top of the wreath frame and trim where needed so it sits neatly together.

Step 2

Using a glue gun, glue onto the frame first, then place and push down the card pieces to secure. Do them one at a time. Be sure to also glue along the joining seams of each piece of card too. If you see any obvious gaps, fill with a bit more glue. Better safe than sorry!

Step 3

Start just placing the leaves and figuring out what you want where. When you are happy remove them and start gluing to the card. I took a photo of how I wanted it to look so I could referred back to it. Be sure to have spare leaves in case some break during the process. To give added strength, try to glue along a stem of a leaf where possible. When the leaves are done add any extras such as the pine cones I have used.

Step 4

For added fun you could dip the pine cones in glue then glitter to give them more sparkle. Other additions could be cinnamon sticks to give it a beautiful autumnal scent. In the craft and pound shops they have all sorts of berry’s, holly leaves, orange slices and glitter additions to give it more interest. Get the kids involved, they will love it!

Step 5

Place it in your home! Below see a range of different ways you could use your wreath. I have also tried it as a wreath in the window, on a door and on my garden shed! If you follow my Instagram you will know I love any dangly thing for the home!

For older kids that want one of their own, why not just make a simple smaller frame using the corrugated card alone? A mini one could be a lovely addition to the bedroom door or hanging off the door handle. At Christmas time this could be adapted to look more Christmassy with Christmas decorations galore. Be sure to look out in the bargain shops for things you can use as the festive period grows closer! Another lovely idea using just paper is drawing around the hands of all the family in different colourful paper and making a wreath out of them. A really personal touch to the home.

I hope you have found this guide easy to follow and enjoy making it your own. Make sure to follow both this blog and my Instagram for more projects to come. I would love to see your own creations. Make sure to tag me in your creations using @adventuresofmummumandjake.

Thank you for reading. Until next time, Rachel x

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  1. Thanks for taking us through the steps! The photos are so pretty too!


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