Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…Penarth Pier to be exact!

Last Sunday myself, the hubster and Jakey went to Penarth Pier. We had never been before and to be honest didn’t have very high expectations. We hadn’t heard much of a buzz about the place despite us having had the best summer of weather we can remember, but we wanted to have a low cost, outdoor family day out so off we went.

When you drive past the pier on your left and go to the top of the road you will find a fab children’s park and free overlooks the sea wonderfully and has a lovely little coffee shop selling warm and cold food. Just perfect for families.

We had the fab surprise of a live band playing Cwmbran based ‘You Don’t Know’ and Jake went mad for the music! He danced his heart out until we had to physically remove him due to time, the public were loving his entertainment and the band were a sweet bunch of lads with the drummer (who’s name I didn’t catch) kindly asked if Jake would like to have a go of the drums. He sat on the stool and without being shown took to it like a pro, holding the sticks and drumming on the different drums. We were in awe of him and feel we need to enjoy the slight quietness of the house before Santa brings him a drum kit. If you follow our Instagram page (see photos on the home page to take you there) I filmed his dancing segment.

Walking towards the Pier itself we were greeted by lots of bikers with quite an impressive display of bikes on show. The Blood Bike Wales volunteers were out to promote the remarkable and vital work they do to provide free transport for hospitals to deliver between sites for urgently needed blood. We had a lovely chat with the guys on the stand and they even gave me and Jakey a sit on the bike which made me reminisce how I used to do the same with my Dad which was nice.

I couldn’t help but be drawn by the gift shop on the left as you continue to walk down, and oh my what a grotto of sparkly, shiny, humorous delights. I am a sucker for gift shops. It doesn’t matter where I have been, if I haven’t been in the gift shop, well I simply haven’t been!

The Pier itself felt like you were stepping back into Victorian times with its well trodden decking and weather worn railings, but that’s the charm of it and as soon as you breath in that fresh sea air……….straight after it you breathe in doughnuts and chips! We grabbed chips as the cafe at the start of the pier had an extremely long waiting time and the staff were not very welcoming – not the best when you are anxious enough about dragging through a buggy loaded with medical equipment knowing your son will have to go on the pump for a feed pretty soon. I will say this though, the toilet facilities were very good, clean and spacious so it’s 10/10 for that. What also impressed me was the range of flavours the ice cream on offer was on the pier. I love coffee, in cake, ice cream, drinks, bring on the COFFEE! Then as if I wasn’t already having the best time I saw cappuccino on the list. My heart sang, and peanut butter, now that’s my dream combo………..get in! One thing I will say is I’m afraid coffee has developed into a necessity for survival rather than a pleasure, the hubster included will also tell you the same!

We were so shocked at how we hadn’t thought to come here before, and had missed out on such beautiful surroundings and a great family day out. Jake loved exploring and being outside and when your toddler is happy, that makes for a very happy mum and dad. The decking had small plaques of mostly couples names and names of remembrance which was really touching to see. How special is it that they will remain there for the test of time? We finished off the day with some pebble skimming, the steps were very steep for the buggy so the hubster dragged it down and up while we went ahead and threw lots of little pebbles. Jake loved this and was trying to grab the big rocks, he thinks he’s muscle man! The park at the start was one of the best outdoor parks I have even seen with the range of things to do for different ages, that alone is a reason to go back again. We will definitely be returning and look forward to autumn walks along the pier with a warm hot chocolate, wrapped up in our winter coats.

Until our next adventure, Rachel x

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